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A collection of portrait’s, captured of locals, in the villages of beautiful Tanzania.  We received such a heath warming reception wherever we went, and met with beautiful smiles.  This was all organised for us by G Adventures.

Maasai Village – Mto wa Mbu – Zanzibar

The Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group of semi-nomadic people inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.
The men are responsible for looking after the cattle and travelling large distances with them for grazing. It is the duty of the women to build the houses of the village.
No electricity, no running water, and a house made up of one room with a stool and stove! This was an experience!
Many of the women of the Maasai have been suffering from blindness. This has been due to the fact that the house’s have no chimney. So to combat this, the Maasai women have been trained to install chimney’s in their homes. This village had just started to install the first chimney’s. You will see this process in some of the photos.

We also visited Mto wa Mbu village, which lies within the east African Valley, some 120km from Arusha City, Mto wa Mbu inhabits more than 18,000 thousands in which there are 120 tribes.

They brought us into their village and showed us the local culture and how the tribes all live together in harmony. We were also treated to a beautiful lunch by the locals.

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